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In a culture where science was valued the way it should be, there would be no need for articles like this. / Life & Arts – The Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Science.


Greed is God. Er, good.

Manhattan Federal Judge Kimba Wood Calls Record Companies’ Request for $75 Trillion in Damages ‘Absurd’ in Lime Wire Copyright Case.

In stereo where available.

Getting Older Happens: 2 Photos Every Day for 17 Years, in 2 minutes. {Video} | elephant journal.

"...and here's the other side of my mouth."



Before the current action in Libya: “Do it. Get it over with.”

After action was taken: “I would not have intervened.”


Weigel : Newt Gingrich Completely Changes Position on Libya in 16 Days.

A powerful NASA probe has created the most detailed view yet of the far side of the moon.

Photo Shows Far Side of Moon Like Never Before| NASA & Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter | The Moon & Solar System, NASA Moon Missions |


Paging William Gibson…

Nerve cell tendrils readily thread their way through tiny semiconductor tubes, researchers find, forming a crisscrossed network like vines twining towards the sun…

Nerve cells (purple) send extensions through specially designed tubes in this artist’s illustration, a setup that could help researchers create hybrid neural-electronic systems.

Er, Whoops.

A team from the University of Kansas said the microscopic structures are nothing more than tiny gaps in the rock that are packed with lifeless minerals. Instead of  primeval oxygen-producing cyanobacteria, they were found to be bits of the iron mineral hematite.

(Not tiny lifeforms.)

It is the nature of douchebaggery to compound exponentially. So putting these two together was surely an invitation to disaster.

[PHOENIX] West Valley residents in the neighborhood are crying foul after armored vehicles, including a tank, rolled into their neighborhood to make the bust.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio had previously attained notoriety for abuse of power, inhumane jail conditions and civil rights violations. Stephen Seagal is clearly living in a fantasy world drawn from his own movies. The suspect in this case was accused of running a cockfighting ring, and has no history of weapons ownership or use. Critics of the action say that this was staged for Seagal’s television show Lawman.

Lovely Solar System animation. You can change the speed of time jump to specific dates, see the Moon phase and Zodiac.

The amazing Space Avalanche.